Biggeorge Property is one of the biggest private real estate developers in Hungary, and has been in the business of real estate development, investment and operation for over ten years. The innovative and dynamic attitude and the expertise dedicated to perfect details has made the company one of the most significant stakeholders in the Hungarian real estate market.

The company’s scope of activities includes the development of both commercial (office, hotel, retail, industrial/logistics) and residential real estate. In recent years, the company has gained significant experience in the field of site development and completing special infrastructural developments, too.


Every new project starts with the search for great ideas. Our company then prepares and carries out the developments, for which our money market connections provide a solid financial background. Currently, with the contribution of its well-prepared and experienced financial and real estate experts, Biggeorge Property Ltd. is handling real estate development projects with a value of more than HUF 150 billion.

We are proud to make everyday living spaces more comfortable for thousands of people through our efforts.

Ongoing Projects

Discover our ongoing and finished projects.

Spirit Residence

Our aim with each home of Spirit Residence is to create a lovable, human-centered atmosphere in Mester Street’s outstandingly well-connected neighborhood near Nagykörút, the Grand Boulevard of Budapest. During the planning phase we put great emphasis on designing youthful, upbeat and comfortable interiors that match the style of the evolving 9th district’s buildings. Besides offering pleasant and high quality living spaces, Spirit Residence is being developed with a minimalistic look and further focus points that include the construction of commercial and office units on the ground floor. The buildings enclose an internal courtyard offering the option of apartments with direct connection to the garden, while on the top floor all properties come with spacious balconies. Parking spaces will be available in a 2 story indoor garage.


Westside Residence

According to preliminary plans, the project to be implemented on a plot of more than 3500 m2 will include 206 flats, 10 shops and – for the residents’ convenience – 229 parking spaces for cars.
The location of the Project is ideal in all aspects, as it can be found in a popular part of a quickly developing Budapest district near the city centre and the office corridor on Váci út.


Westside Garden

Close to the city centre, in the vicinity of Margaret Island and the City Park, we are developing the apartments of Westside Garden in the area surrounded by Szabolcs utca and Lőportál köz, in the renewed Ferdinand District. Westside Garden features 159 apartments ranging in size from 33 to 95 m2. All apartments have terraces. The ground floor areas include business premises and apartments with garden access. The indoor garage includes parking and storage spaces, while all residential floors can be accessed from the garage via lift. The majority of the apartments in the 2 buildings of Westside Garden overlook the quiet inner garden, while practically all apartment types are found on both sides - facing Lőportár utca and the facing Szabolcs utca.


Finished Projects

Németvölgyi Residence

Németvölgyi Residence offers 87 new, exclusive apartments for sale on the Buda side. We provide the desired qualities for families dreaming about the characteristic uninterrupted tranquillity of the hill area, for travellers always on the road and looking to enjoy the excitements of the world, as well as for investors.


Emerald Residence

Emerald Residence is located in the heart of Budapest, in the 5th district, on Petőfi Sándor utca. The building is in the immediate vicinity of the renewed Szervita tér and the Szent Anna church, within arm’s reach of the most famous places in the capital, such as Váci utca and the Parliament, the Opera House and the Basilica, which are all within a 10-minute walk.


Elisabeth Residence

This modern residential house, also designed for investment purposes, will be constructed at 34-36 Dob utca, in the historic quarter of Budapest and within only 250 metres of Gozsdu Courtyard and 50 metres of Kazinczy utca, so beloved by tourists. The unique image of the area originates equally from the historic atmosphere and the trendy, youthful world of ruin pubs.


Sasad Liget 5

In September 2016, the sales of the successful Sasad Liget’s 5th phase started: – 75% of the properties are already sold. The almost 220 units are found in 4 blocks, in 6-, 7- and 8-storey buildings designed by O2 Architect Studio.


Sasad Liget 6

Following the great success of the previous phases, the 6th and last phase of Sasad Liget is also coming. A total of 180 apartments will be built in the area in six buildings, and, to serve the needs and maximum comfort of the residents, six retail spaces will also be created.


Broadway Residence

Located in the heart of Budapest, in the 7th district’s Csányi utca, Broadway Residence invites those who hold style and quality as equally important with regards to both a property and its environment. The area is within one of the most dynamically developing neighbourhoods in the capital, an extraordinary meeting point of history and innovation, providing a really unique atmosphere to the area.


Garibaldi 4

The Garibaldi 4 luxury development is located in the heart of Budapest’s financial quarter, in the neighbourhood of the Parliament and the River Danube. Its excellent approachability is provided by metro line 2, along with various bus and tramlines right by the building. The first member of Biggeorge Property’s City Collection was handed over in 2009, following the completion of the full remodelling and renovation works.


Sasad Liget 1

The company started a large, multi-phased residential development in the 11th district’s Beregszász út. The mutual aim of the developer and Gábor Zobóki, the designer, made it possible to preserve the garden suburb character possible in the development of new buildings and public spaces too, and provide green cover for the built-up areas at the site.


Sasad Liget 2

The developer and Óbuda Architect Studio designed the 2nd phase of Sasad Liget in accordance with the concept of the highly regarded first one. The ratio of built-up areas compared to the large, continuous green surfaces served to preserve the suburban atmosphere and the proximity of nature in this phase as well.


Sasad Liget 3

Only a few minutes from downtown, at the feet of Sas-hill: it is as natural as it could ever be. Large, contiguous green area, excellent infrastructure, personalized homes with unique layouts and spacious rooms. Nature is the organis part of the project: buildings are only 25% of the living space, while the remaining green area is filled up with parks, front yards, resting spaces and tree-lines in between the buildings and in the surrounding streets.


Sasad Liget 4

After the great success of the third phase of our residential park development, implemented on the more than 10-hectare slope south-west of Sas-hegy in the 11th district, surrounded by Beregszász utca, Rodostó utca and Nagyszeben utca, the latest fourth phase has also entered its sales stage.


Dagály Residence

The Dagály Residence apartment building was constructed by Biggeorge Property Ltd., in the popular area of the 13th district, at the corner of Dagály and Karikás Frigyes utca. In the course of its design, we put great emphasis on the youthful, easygoing and comfortable internal spaces, which fit the style of the buildings in the neighbourhood.


Bécsi Corner

In the course of the construction and conversion works, completed in mid-2009, some 7,300 sqm of office and almost 3,000 sqm of restaurant and retail space were built, meeting even the highest technical expectations, in addition to preserving the originality of the facades and style characteristics of the old and listed monumental buildings as enduring values.


Parkway Offices

Parkway Offices are located on Könyves Kálmán körút, in one of the most dynamically developing parts of Budapest and near one of the largest contiguous green areas of the city. From the side of Népliget, both the centre and Liszt Ferenc Airport, as well as the M5 and other motorways too, are all easily and rapidly accessible.


Audi Logistic Park

The expansion of AUDI Hungary’s activities in Győr required the creation of an individual logistics centre away from the factory, in accordance with the company’s regulations. Based on the needs of AUDI Hungary, the investment was carried out as a customised development by the joint venture of A-K Construction Ltd. and Biggeorge Property Ltd.


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