• Tailor-made apartments

  • Classy and varied architectural solutions by an Ybl prize-winning architect

  • High ceilings

  • Huge glass surfaces

  • Spacious terraces with private storage rooms

  • Ceiling heating and cooling with environmentally friendly air source heat pumps

  • Optional coverings, interior doors, sanitary fittings and switches

  • First-class, 3-layer, insulated and soundproof plastic doors and windows

  • Parking garage

  • Storage rooms in the basement


Waterfront City buildings are free-standing, with private roads and inner parks between them. The city quarter is crossed by Buda Promenade, which is part of the Óbuda development plan and starts from Kolosy tér. Along the promenade, the buildings’ ground floors will house shops and catering units. On levels above the ground floor, apartments of different sizes will be constructed. Car parking will be available in the underground garages.

In the 1st phase, 3 buildings and 267 apartments will be built, which will include studio apartments, and apartments with 1, 2 or 3 rooms in different sizes and layouts.


Apartment entrance doors
Apartment entrances will have Mabisz-qualified, acoustic-rated doors with multi-point central lock and peephole.

Interior doors
Interior doors will have a decorating foil or laminated surface, chipboard or honeycomb inserts, with full panels and a post-mountable frame, at a nominal height of 210 cm.

In bathrooms and toilets, Class I wall tile coverings will be constructed, chosen from the developer’s selection. Entry halls, kitchens, larders, bathrooms, toilets, household rooms, and some hallways will be covered with Class I ceramic floor tiles chosen from the developer’s selection.
Terraces are covered with Class I anti-slip frost resistant ceramic or porcelain tiles.
Rooms and certain passageways within the apartment will have Class I laminate coverings. Rooms on the 11th, 12th and 13th floors of buildings 1 and 2A, and 7th, 8th and 9th floors of building 2B will be covered with first class laminate flooring chosen from the developer’s selection.

Wall surfaces
In the apartments, masonry structures will be plastered, while reinforced concrete structures and plaster will be smoothed, then painted with a coat of white dispersion paint, with a waterproof layer in the bathroom.

Water equipment, sanitary fittings
In the bathroom (or other room as indicated on the plan; e.g. household room) of every apartment, a washing machine connection will be provided, and the kitchens will be equipped with the connections necessary for a dishwasher (water supply and wastewater) through the dishwasher’s combined valve. Toilets are console-type models with hidden tanks, with two-phase push plates. Bathrooms will not be equipped with floor drains.

Apartments will be handed over without kitchen furniture and kitchen appliances. Electronic and machine ports and connectors are constructed according to the standard floor plan agreed on at consolidated discussions with the customer.

Heating, cooling
Living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms will be equipped with a ceiling heating and cooling system. In bathrooms, heating will be provided by radiators with towel dryers. In certain cases, additional surface cooling or heating systems may be installed in other structural elements (wall, floor), or a heat dissipation system with suitable thermal properties may be added to meet cooling or heating needs due to an apartment’s position or high percentage of glazed surfaces.
Temperature can be regulated with thermostats in every room (living room and bedroom). In the building and apartments, heating and cooling cannot be operated at the same time. Switching between cooling and heating modes will be administered centrally.

Apartments will be equipped with modern designer fixtures. Lighting fixtures for the apartments are not part of the standard scope of delivery.

Each room will be equipped with a TV socket with star topology and a phone/internet socket.

Protective tubing (without cabling) for an alarm system with motion detection for rooms with a connection to the terrace and with door closure detection will be installed at the entrance doors of the apartments.


Apartments in Waterfront City will be “Smart Home Ready” after construction (tubing and cabling in a central location without fixtures). The standard settings enable the integration of 1 ceiling lamp and 1 smart socket per room, as well as a ceiling cooling and heating system in the smart home system at a later date.

The construction of a smart home system can be requested without modifying the “Smart Home Ready” settings.

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